Unveiling Legal Myths: Top 10 Misunderstandings About Law That Could Impact Your Rights

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Welcome to the world of legal myths and misunderstandings! Here at Morgan Legal​ Group, we believe that understanding the law is key to safeguarding your rights. So, we’re unveiling the top 10 New York State ⁣Law misunderstandings that might impact you.

The Top 10‌ Misinterpretations of ​New York State Law

Unarguably, laws are complex⁣ and can be misunderstood. ‍Let’s clear up the confusion with these ten common legal myths.

1. “If ⁢no compensation is involved, a contract is not ⁤legally binding.”

Contrary⁣ to popular belief, a contract ​does not necessarily have to involve money ‌to be ⁤legally ⁢enforceable in New York State.​ It only needs to show mutual agreement and some commitment.

2. “Marriage automatically merges assets.”

It’s⁣ a⁢ common misconception that once married,‍ all your belongings suddenly become joint property. Actually,‍ individual assets remain individual unless they’re⁤ deliberately combined during the marriage.

3. “You can’t be sued ⁢once you declare bankruptcy.”

While bankruptcy does offer some protections, it’s not an ironclad shield. You can still face litigation, especially for⁤ claims that arose before the bankruptcy was filed.

4. “Ignorance of the law is an acceptable defense.”

Actually, not knowing about a specific law provides no⁣ protection in court,⁤ a concept neatly summed up by the legal phrase ‘ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law ⁣excuses no one).

5. ‍“Wills are only for the elderly”

Drafting a will is ⁢not an age-specific ‌task. It’s recommended for anyone with assets that they wish to disperse in a certain⁤ manner⁢ after their passing.

6. “Lawyers always want​ to go​ to trial”

On the contrary, conflict ‍resolution often ‌takes place outside the courtroom. In many cases, ‍mediation or‍ negotiation can save ⁣both time and money.

7. “Criminal and Civil cases are ⁣the​ same.”

This is incorrect. While both are legal battles, they ⁣have different processes, outcomes, and punishments.

8. “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.”

Even though written agreements are ⁢crucial in court, oral agreements can also be legally binding⁣ and acceptable under⁢ New York Law.

9. “The mother always gets custody of children in divorce cases.”

Not necessarily. New ‍York family courts ⁣focus on the best interest of the child, and this could involve joint custody or even sole custody of ‍the father.

10. “You cannot be ‌fired while on leave”

Although some laws protect workers on​ leave, exceptions do exist. An employee ‌can be laid off for reasons unrelated to the leave itself.


At Morgan Legal ​Group, we aim to debunk legal ⁣myths and ensure everyone has ‌the correct information necessary to⁢ safeguard their rights. We hope that understanding these laws can enable you to make informed decisions⁣ when navigating New York’s legal landscape.​ If you ⁣need further guidance, our team of New York lawyers is here to help!

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